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Specializing in Drone Services, and Aerial Photography

Professional Drone Solutions Under One Roof

Aerial Photography & Real Estate Videography

Aerial thermography

 Aerial 3D mapping

Search and rescue

What We Offer

Using high-end camera drones, we provide stunning aerial footage for various purposes such as Real Estate, Tourism, Surveillance and Cinematography. 

Why Choose Us

Cutting Edge 

Improved Performance, Increased Efficiency, Greater Accuracy, And Enhanced Safety Features.


We Provide Customized Services Tailored Specifically To Each Individual Client's Needs.

Durable, High Quality Materials

Made Out of Carbon Fiber and Magnesium Alloy. Components Are Also Made With High-Quality Materials To Ensure Reliability And Longevity.

Certified Drone Operators

This ensures that drones are operated with high standards of safety and quality.


Aerial Mapping has been a valuable service to our company. By using aerial mapping, we were quickly able to identify the best locations for our facilities and make informed decisions that will benefit our business expansion locations. 

G. Cars LLC

Regional Manager

My wife and I wanted a memorable vacation that we can always look back at and relive the moment. Golden Drone tailored the videos and photos that were taken to meet our needs and expectations. I don't usually leave reviews however, I did today because Katie and I were extremely happy with the results and recommend them to anyone wanting to keep record of their memories. 

David T.

We wanted to put together a nice collage of photos of our law firms in the welcoming office. The quality of the photos and editing has been phenomenal!

Sarah H.



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